Monday, July 30, 2012

Saad Imran Child Model and Actor

He won us over when he stormed the spotlight and stole our hearts as the common sense boy. After that there was no looking back. Syed Saad Imran is an 8 year old Pakistani Ambitious Actor and born Model. Born on November 12, 2003. He has done more than a Dozen Commercials starting from 2009 along with 5 Television Drama’s.NOOR BANO on Hum TV being his most popular. His 250 dialogues in Akhri Parinda with Qavi Khan, Mahnoor Baloch, and Shahood Alvi was his biggest achievement.Right now coming in Tishnigi. He has become most heartwarming face in Showbiz Industry and increasing social awareness at such a young age. 
Saad’s hobbies include playing football, taekwondo, and computer. His talents include dancing and doing stunts on bicycle.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Interwiew with Zohaib Saeed Model

Well i am Zohaib from Pakistan. Recently completed my studies (M. Phil) in Economics. I am a fashion model too. Modeling is my passion. 

How did you get interested in modelling?
I was fond of doing bodybuilding, so I purchased fitness magazines for health and fitness tips. Their I saw pictures of several fitness models which inspired me and changed my mind to make fitness model type body instead to gain huge mass like a pro. 

What  inspired you to start?
The first thing that clicked my mind after reading this query is HOLLYWOOD. It has got variety. Heroes body are ideal, well in shape, muscular and lean along with their looks, skin and hair which makes them fit and best in business. Apart from this, I do watch wrestling as an entertainment. They have the best bodies with shape and size along with their height that suits them a lot. Both of these inspired me a lot and I really wanted to do something like that which also gives me fame, a career, respect and of course, income.

What problems did you face to achieve your career?
There are always problems regarding resources. Resources are limited, had to trade off to achieve my goals ( both studies and modeling). Gym requires plenty of time along with huge cost for diet etc. than keeping and maintaining good skin, hair and fit throughout is also a big deal. But i never lost patience, kept working hard and hard by making short and long term goals. there i learned time management which became the key in achieving my goals. 

Who have you worked with?
Not any famous designer, not much international fashion shows but, worked under TARIQ AMEEN ( a big name in fashion industry) as a model. 

What are results of your achievements?
I recently performed in Islamabad Fashion Week (IFW 2012) which is the biggest international level show at Islamabad that occurs once a year. But, no result as yet, even after being a part of such show. May be because there are thousands of models and competition is tough or may be models are hired through agencies, and I never worked with any.

How do you see the work nowadays in your field difficult  or Easy?
Very difficult. You have to give your best to survive and compete despite resource constraints. Its a kind of work where outcome is less and inputs are very high.

What are your plans for the future?
I Cant share is in this stage but, I do want be a part of all international fashion shows all around the world due to my looks, body shape and young age. want become brand ambassador too. And want take part in all model categories like catalogues, billboards, body parts, ramp and many more. 

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Interwiew with Sumair Majeed Model

About Sumair:
Sumair Majeed AKA (also known as Sami), he knows Punjabi, English, Urdu. He known as Pakistani model. The King of spicy pictures. Bombshell and also hot guy. Sumair was born in Mirpur Azad Kashmir in 1989. Son of CH/Abdul Majeed and CH/Rubina Nazir. He has a brother and a sister. He did his schooling from National-Foundition High School Jhelum. Gradually losing interest in his studies. He relocated his self to Modeling career. Sami’s early Modeling career was mainly in the B-grade Street Stages. He appeared in modeling such as Passion and Craze.

How did you get interested in modelling?
I was 19 years old when I got interest in modeling I love to do fashion my big brother is also a model he perform on stage when I was 19 years old when I saw my brother in this field than I got interest in modeling.

What inspired you to start?
When I search about this field than I search about Mitch Baker .. he is a top model in this world he works with nous premier soul artist name of agency Mitch Baker represented by soul artist management thousand premiere models I inspired from this person I saw his shoots how he gave look in pictures? How he gave expression in pictures? Than Ii inspired from this person and start modeling.

What problems did you face to achieve your career?
I faced many types of problems like no one come to support me nor from friends nor from family support every one said to me you can't do it every one discourage me I was also not any financial support to do photo shoots or send pics to any company and agencies I was also not any Internet in my home that's why I faced to much problems I do all alone, and now thanks to ALLAH today I can said to any one I am a professional model.

Who have you worked with?
I do not work with any celebrity or any famous model but I work with Ejaz Ahmed he is a model and now he arranged shows of modeling in Jhelum and nowadays he works for a video song.

What are results of your achievements?
Results of my achievements is now I got much respect in my family and friends yesterday who discourage me in my field now that friends and all other persons trying to copy my style they want to know how I give expressions in pictures they want to know about dressing what they suits on them now they encourage me to u can do it this work bla bla... Finally I just make proud my parents this is my achievement 

How do you see the work nowadays in your field difficult or Easy?
Nowadays in my field ... Modeling is too much difficult every one can't afford my filed because I have expenses for photo shoots in starting I bought new dressings for every picture I just go here and there for out door photo shoots. I paid my photographer for outdoor photo shoots more than others nowadays every one wants money for become a model if its a company or any model agency or local platform.. Every wants money and I paid it.. and every one who want to become a model they can't afford it thts, why it is difficult.

What are your plans for the future?
My future plans are I want to make proud my family to go on peak every child knows from his/her parents but I want.. people knows my parents through his son its my dream and I hope I will do it INSHALLAH.  my some photo shoots of indoor and outdoor pics of summer and winter shoots and also indoor and outdoor pictures..

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