Saturday, April 28, 2012

Interwiew with Zohab Arfin Musician

I am just an ordinary person with ordinary dreams. Music is a Major part of my life. I am 20 years old and I am doing A levels. That's about it =)

How did you start interest of music?
Curiosity, I used to see people play it and then one day My Brother bought a guitar. He wanted to learn how to play it, but he got busy in his life so he couldn’t and I thought that I should give it a try.;)

Who inspired you in start?
Many amazing personalities like Junoon, Noori, Strings, and the list goes on

Which things were hard in your career?
Nothing is easy in this life; you always have to work hard for everything, for me, the hardest thing was the start, I didn’t know whether I will get the support or not.

How you see this work nowadays easy or hard?
I would say that music can never be easy, it take A LOT OF HARD WORK to produce and make music. In my opinion, A Person CANNOT call himself a Musician if he hasn’t done any Production work.

What are your future plans?
I Have a LOT of Songs to produce and A Lot of Concerts to do. I will be Releasing my Next Song Probably in summer, so for updates do check my page. 

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I wish you succesful career!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Interwiew with Ahmed Saeed Photographer

Ahmed Saeed Photographer
I am a freelance photographer, who tries to find meaning in the surroundings and look for little things all around us to admire and share with others.

What inspired you to get into photography?
The way a photograph can say so much without actually speaking to its viewer, the way it can reach out to people who can't even read or write, the splendour of a picture shot to its perfection, really inspires me. 

Who inspired you in the start?
When I started, I was really inspired by Tapu Javeri and my recent inspiration is Mobeen Ansari, who is an extremely talented photographer.

What problems did you face to achieve your career?
People take a young person like me for a novice and an amateur, though my work speaks for itself. This is so far the only problem I have faced since I started working professionally in this field.

Who have you worked with?
I have worked mostly alone but sometimes enjoy company of other photographers aswell. i have covered many concerts, gigs and other events along with other professional photographers.

What are results of your achievements?
I'm the official photographer for several bands from Islamabad. I am also working for my college's magazine and have received appreciation and recognition for my work from many of my clients and critiques.
Ahmed Saeed Photographer
What is your opinion about Pakistani and western trends?
Western trends are making their place in Pakistan, which is good to see and i always admire change.

How do you see the work nowadays in your field popular or not?
It is getting VERY popular, rather it is a respectable field to work in now.

What are your plans for the future?
Right now I have quite a few projects lined up. Im doing shoots every day and enjoying every minute of it. I plan on making my own studio and taking my photography to greater levels.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Interwiew with Malik Junaid Awan Model

Well my name is Junaid i am 20 years old and I am from Islamabad/Rawalpindi  Pakistan, doing graduation,...and have part of domestic cricket as well. My occupation doing modeling, wanted to part of show biz, my height 6.1feet.

How did you get interested in modelling?
I always love to be a model after completing my intermediate from college i started to develop an interest in modeling, so most of my very close friends told  to me that you  should get into  this field its best for you my brother supports me  mother and father.

What inspired you to start?
I am inspired with American models Brad Steward, Indian models and PAKISTANI when i saw show on TV i realised i will be a part of show biz its my Passion.

What problems did you face to achieve your career?
I got gymnasium in this field mostly people have do not have links or agencies to do work their should have some platform to introduce yourself i did get any problems in this Field any more.

How do you see the work nowadays in your field difficult or Easy?
Its bit difficult because of competition but its not a big issue...

What are your plans for the future?
Part of showbiz become famous get the whole world.

Contact no.: 03325388833, 03335612470

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