Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Interwiew with Saleem Qazi Photographer

Tell something about your personality, what kind of person are you?
I am God loving.

How did you start interest of photography?
I do not know when was 9 years old I fall in love.
Originally accountant by profession, later switched to photography, graduted from the Newyork Institute of Photography, spent most of the time outside pakistan such as, USA, Holland and the Middle east, currently actively associated with "Muneer's Digital Darkroom" the biggest and one of a kind source for digital photography, imaging,inkjet printing and 3D lenticular imaging.Mostly do product photography at present.

Who inspired you in start?
When was 25 years becomes passion.

Which things was not easy in your carrier?
To become Accountant in my life

Who you worked with?
Some National and International Orignisations.

What is your opinion about Pakistani and western trends?
My roots are in Pakistan therefore I came back here western are right by their angles.

How you see this work nowadays: popular or not?
Very Popular you paint with camera in one clik.

What are your future plans?
To share my knowledge with youngesters. 




  1. Anonymous2/21/2012

    yes MashaAllah he is the best photographer and yet a very charming and a nice person too. I was expecting some more of his good work (portfolios) here on this page.... his photography courses are indeed a big help for all the photography lovers...keep up the good work sir...May Allah bless u always ...ameen!!!

  2. Anonymous2/21/2012

    Great and very inspirational carrier, photography work is exceptional, specially lighting angles and techniques are looking very artistic, im also very much thankful to share your expertise with youngsters…..GOD Bless You Sir…..(Syed Afaq Ali)...

  3. Asslam O alkum
    Gorgeous Photographs you are inspiring presentably
    AllAH Hafiz


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