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Interwiew with Hamid Maqsood the owner of Elegance Car Art

Interwiew with Hamid Maqsood the owner of  Elegance Car Art

            Tell me about yourself.
My name is Hamid Maqsood, and I am a Business man, I live in Islamabad, Pakistan. I am doing BBA(H) from IQRA University Islamabad. I am caring ,loving and want my life Tension free. I am hard-working, and honest person. I am consistent in my work I love to spend my life with my loved ones. I am very much conscious person in relationship , my extra-ordinary consciousness is the reason that fail to make relationship successful or better. I am very much sensitive, I cannot bear any bad behavior or things to whom with i deeply attached. I am stubborn in nature and chatty katty also. I want to work without any boss pressure. I don't like people who want to put pressure on me. I cant see anyone in trouble, I wish i can help everyone who is in need, whether financially or in other ways.
I love playing snooker, I love to work for society and i do social developments projects. One of my projects is renovating school for the students. The video of project:

I always go for that thing which is not mine or difficult to get it. I always fight to get that thing, whether i will get or not, but i always use to put effort at my best for that thing. I have leadership skills and communication skills. I have potential to lead the team and which I have actually utilized that skills in my life as you saw in the above video.

How did you got interested in doing business?
Well to do business was never my mission or you can say objective of life. In the initial stages of my life I was confused about my future, what will I do in future, I never understand. After doing 4 years practical business and job as well in the Packaging Factory of my uncle, I started to take intrest in the business. And now Masha Allah I’m doing Business.
Who inspired you in the beginning?
I am inspired from Steve jobs. The Co founder of Apple. My role model is my uncle Jehangir Zeb Qureshi (The Great), I spent more then 4 years with him in a Packaging Factory and he taught me how to do business and ups and downs of the business and clear my confusions about my future,and a part from that I am Inspired from his personality in start. And another great motivational personality Sir Kashif M khan motivates me a lot for entrepreneurship.And that is the reason, i am here. Thank you Professor Kash.
What problems did you face to achieve your carrier?
I have suffered from a lot of problems because doing business is not a piece of cake, you have to put your all efforts.
The knowledge.
Experience regarding that Car decoration Business.
And Limited Resources. Another thing that made problems the impossible persons comment, who always use to demotivate me, and give their useless opinions or u say „Guess about this business,that this business has no scope ,no potential, people will not like this” and BLA BLA BLA.
But my consistency and hard work, and my passion of doing business make me successful and this was all happened with the prayers of my Parents and by the grace of God..

Tell me about your company, introduce it.
My company Elegance Car Art add colors to your wedding.
We at Elegance Car art offers you to designs your car on wedding with new style and trend. We Decorate cars with temporary paints and make your wedding memorable and colorful.
Nothing is important to us then cater the needs of our customer. We decorate cars with temporary paints and make latest designs which are attractive and captivating. The car is easily then washable by water. We brought U turn in the car decoration industry.
We started this business in 2nd month of 2012.
We are three partners Saaem Tariq (Manager of Pukaar Band) and a Trader also. And Sohaib Tariq ( modifies the old cars) and my self Hamid Maqsood.

We introduced first in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

We all three put effort to make it successful and bring that idea to market. 

How do you see the work nowadays in your field difficult  or Easy?
As we got a great response from the market, it becomes easy for us. People show their interest and appreciate this work. Nowadays this work is easier for us, we are getting great response from the market. But in near future we will have to face comptetion.
What are your plans for the future?
My futures plan regarding to myself to become a business man. As it is my passion and to make my name in this specific business and in almost all the cities of Pakistan and for that I m putting my efforts.

And from business prespective I am selling this technology in different cities of Pakistan. I will expand my business to other cities as well.I will definitelly start franchising and technology transferation.

U can contact me @  
cell no 92-323-5414325, 92-322-5001939

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