Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Interview with the great Male Model Osama Siddiqui

I love modeling and I'm very passionate about it.

Tell me about yourself.
Muhammad Osama Siddiqui of Karachi, Graduation in progress. Learning protocols, absorbing experience and boosting up myself with confidence. 

How did you get interested in modeling?
Different people have different nature. Time to time things came in your life some becomes firmware and some volatile. From the past few years I felt modeling penetrated in my heart and have become my priority. 

What inspired you to start?
Elegant & striking personality attracts everybody. Hundred of people doing the same. So I decided why not I . . . . ? 

What problems did you face to achieve your career?
If you want to test or check somebody, you have to give him chance to prove. Chance . .. . . …
& since the level of competition is high so by doing hard work you will become extraordinary. 

Who have you worked with?
Not yet but desperate to . . 

What are results of your achievements?
Since interest in this profession, so now I always watched brands & designs with deep concentration, giving views and taking reviews which becoming my mind sound healthy & professional.   

How do you see the work nowadays in your field difficult or Easy?
Obviously difficult, level of competition high, billion of ways to perform, try to expose that particular brand which you have to represent, attractive presentation etc. 

What are your plans for the future?
For my future i just want to work hard and want to be on top and want become 
the best model in the world I 'll do that soon.

Phone: +923022337396

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Join to Clean@MEDIA org.: Sheikh Muhammad Ali Umer Model

My name is Ali Umer. My Nationality is Pakistani. I am single. My date of birth 3rd Nov 1988, my height is 6 feet, and my waist 30, my eyes colour are dark brown. 

My Father name is: Shiekh Muhammad Umer. I have 3 brothers and 2 sis, my Father died at 6-March-2007. 
I will love my family forever.
Since my childhood I had the  interest in modeling, dressing,Modeling its my Passion and everybody inspiring my dressing my looks and i Decided This Modeling Field.
I got much involved and started to meet many new people, they suggested me to do modelling as well, they told me that i have a UNIQUE getup height is ok and Face cut is also suitable for modelling.

Mobile No: 0321-2701384

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