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Interview with Muhammad Azhar Hafeez the Great Photographer

I was born at 10 August, 1971 in Phirala, Faisalabad, Pakistan. About my study: Bachelors in Graphic Design/Photography 1993 from National College of Arts Lahore Pakistan. I working as Assistant Controller Creative in IT Department, Pakistan Television Corporation Islamabad. 22 years ago, I started photography. “I like shoot and analyze people.” Most of my photographs are with my own ideas. I have an intuitive feel for world I inhabit and I am convinced that this must be strongest when I squint through the lens. “I have to be honest with myself first and then the picture will be good. I must feel first. Sometimes when I click the camera there is another click in my heart, and sometimes I know the picture will be horrible” I am continuously aim to stretch myself and ambiance change. My photographs are characteristically untitled “I don’t think a picture or a work of art needs to be categorized, this is not a T.V catalogue.” I approached photography as an art from the beginning. 
We don’t have photography schools in Pakistan, specialized in teaching all kinds of photography. We don’t have museums for art photography in Pakistan and even our art museums don’t show photography artwork. Being an Art Photographer i have to work for commercial to enrich my bread & butter. I travelled throughout Pakistan for my photography. I work as a free-lance photographer, graphic designer, Director and Teacher. I love to be free in my work to do what I am interested in. I love to learn new things always, things related to art, to life itself. I have done four Solo photographic exhibitions in Islamabad and many group shows for detail.

What inspired you to get into photography?
Faces and places of Pakistan inspired me, i belong to a village so i want to show my rural culture and games like Tent Pegging, Ox Race, Cart Race and Kharas Race ( A wheat grinding competition with two ox) Through my Photography.

Who inspired you in start?
My Cousin Mian Tahir and Mian Majeed (Late) EX- Head of Photography department National College of Arts Lahore Pakistan inspired and motivate me to start this.

What problems did you face to achieve your carrier?
By the grace of Allah, My whole carrier is Blessed.

Who have you worked with?
I worked with many Organizations like ISPR Inter Services Public Relations, Pakistan Television , Pakistan Telecom, Manhattan Pakistan, Interfaith League against Poverty, Sardar Chemicals, 
NUST, S A Mirza INteriors, M COM, Orient Maccan , The Frontier Post News Paper,  The Nation News Paper, Akhbar e Jahan Magzine, Aur magazine, The Daily Jang, The Daily Ausaaf, The Daily Khabreen etc. I proffered to work as Freelance.

What is your opinion about Pakistani and western trends?
In Pakistan we are working on purely on photographic Techniques but we have lack of facilities  and in western area they also work on merging images they are more advance in equipments and photographic techniques they have better facilities. 

How you see this work nowadays: popular or not?
Photography is the most popular art from the last two centuries , in this era , photographic art is at its peak.

What are your plans for the future?
I want to establish a Photography Institute to educate photographers and exhibit my work all over the world through valued art galleries.

 My Awards:

Chief Minister KPK awarded on my work for swat smile again 2010
Prime Minister of Pakistan awarded on my work for swat smile again 2010
Group Photo with Army Chief and PM

 My Gallery: 

Some of my works:

Badshahi mosque from lahore fort


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  1. mariam zafar3/21/2012

    MA ur vvv blessed sir :)

  2. Anonymous3/21/2012

    Wonderful journey.

  3. I know Mr. Azhar Hafeez personally, indeed we worked together as colleagues for few years. I am inspired by his talent, professionalism and level of understanding. Very hard working and self made personality, fantastic and creative work and above all he is blessed a kind heart. Mashallah, he has always done wonderful job, keep it up dear. My prayers always with you.


    Ch. Nizamuddin
    IT Manager


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