Friday, April 13, 2012

Interwiew with Abdul Mannan the greatest Model, Actor, Fitness Expert and Photographer

I am a man of my dreams, and so much curious and risk taking person. I have always have a dream to chase, cause I have a purpose of my existence. Its like I hunt myself in 2005 and started learning about me. I found amazing results. Still exploring my skills what nature wanted from me. I’m a fitness expert, model, actor, and photographer, and nowadays doing event management.

How did you get interested in modeling?
I am a model by chance, I was walking down on a famous bazaar (Anarkali) in Lahore, a photographer offered me to become a model of him. I didn't refuse him, I said I don't know what it is, as I was curious since my adult age so I broaden my horizon and went his studio to see what it is. Then he did a portfolio shot of me and sent to different agencies, and found good results. That's how my career started. 

What inspired you to start?
When I found people appreciating my work, wanting to see me in fashion arena but I wanted to be a businessman so I changed my mind and kept exploring myself in modeling world. When I saw lovely smile on my mothers face when she saw my first shoot published in the most famous magazine Libas International. then my inspiration triggered.

What problems did u faced in achieving your career?
I found favouritism, monopoly in fashion coordinators, photographers, in the field of modeling.  but I was confident about my skills, and determined. I never had hope. I found many refuses, but I always regarded myself first by saying, that there is something more then this waiting for me. A big reward by God. Patience is a good virtue. On the other hand people try to harass you through building castle in your mind but the thing is this, I wasn’t greedy at all. I was hopeful. You cant clap with one hand. So that's why I never cared about what they wanted. I never look back, I always look ahead.

Who have you work with?
I worked with the best and well known photographers, designers, brands. I worked with Khawar Riaz, Guddu Shanni, Tariq Amin, Abdul Qayum.etc. 

What are the results of your achievements?
I worked with the most leading brands in Pakistan:  like Levis, Amir Adnan, Leisure Club, Crossroad, Chenone, Daud Faizan, Borjan shoes, Atelier, Adams, Nabeel&Aqeel, shubinak, Bonanza,  Focus, Charcoal, and now the most recent Shahid Afridi. And one of my best achievements is  when I got selected as Imran Khan, In Kaptaan the movie on  Legendary Imran Khan.

How do you see the work nowadays, in your field, is it difficult or easy?
Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. In this field you have to stay sharp and opportunity can knock the door at any time. It was difficult at the start but not now. I know what to do, cause of my amazing experiences. I remain fully prepared with the load of confidence which is fueling my passion.

What are your plans for the future?
My plans are high achieving, as Actor, Director, as a God Father, I wish I can be, insha Allah  one day I will be.



I wish you full happiness in your life!
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  1. Anonymous4/14/2012

    Thank Abdul Mannan for sharing your experiences, hopes, dreams and aspirations with us readers. A very interesting article. Good luck with your upcoming film and do please come back and update us with your future projects.


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