Thursday, June 28, 2012

Interwiew with Musafir Jaan Photographer and Model

My name is Musafir Jaan, I am from Peshawar Pakistan, by profession  I am a photographer and a Model too. My height is 5’ 10 inches.70 kgs weight. Fair complexion Grey Color Eyes I go to the gym too for work out I have my own studio DREAM WORLD STUDIO

Who inspired you to get into the field of Photography

Actually I was inspired with photography since my childhood,  but my friend Asif inspired me to get into this field. I started photography since my early age. I left my parents alone to get into the photography. This was then when i started working in a Konica Studio. I am a very hard worker and i have my parents blessings and my friends supported me a lot.

Did you face any problems in this field

Nowadays i am very happy with my work. I thank Allah to make it happen. I have not facing any problem.

What are your plans for the future

I want to become a professional photographer  and get married as early as possible,
and  I have recently started modeling too. I have my own portfolio and I have done modelling shows too.

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