Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Interwiew with Shakeeb Saeed Model and TV Host and Actor

• Tell something about your personality, what kind of person are you?
Well I am extremely unpredictable, loving, caring, sensitive towards people actions and reactions, and ofcourse I know I have a good heart.I do make things simple and easy for me and others, I hate confusions, complexities and conflicts  but I know how to handle them well. My draw back is my kind soft heart for everone that causes me trouble mostly but this is how I am. And last but not the least I know Allah has made me talented that I know when and where to show.

• How did you start interest of modelling?
Since childhood I had the germs of acting and modeling and some where in the back of my mind I was sure that one day I will be a model and will pursue it as a serious profession.

• Who inspired you in start?                            
Honestly had no such inspiration as my oddness and different style inspires me myself, so I am self inspired. LOL !!! I have a different state of mind that really does not belong to this world, kind of alien :p

• Which things was not easy in your carrier?
Well nothing is easy as we all know but fashion industry is a bit more difficult being handsome and good looks are difficult to manage here...LOL !!! (Kidding). Well as a new commer registering yourself as a high fashion model and making your name as an entity or equivalent to a brand is difficult as alreday there are so much more talented models in the industry, but I suppose I have made my mark to some extent from way too different and bold shoots.

• What is your result now?
Well my results…hmmmmm I am not sure what people think or judge me upon what but I am satisfied a sin the end for me my own criticism matters, I don’t care what people have to say.

• Who you worked with?
I have worked with different tv channels and fashion photographers. I am a tv host and tv actor too J.

• How you see this work nowadays easy or hard?
Well if one is clear with what he/she wants then I suppose its easy otherwise difficult.For me its passion and fun, I enjoy and live every moment to deliver the best out of me.

• What are your future plans?
Future plans are to do social work for betterment of country and people who are in need,as in profession I really want to see my self excel to a higher level, I want to see myself in International magazines and fashion shows like Paris and Milan fashion week, I want international recognition and become a phenomena in fashion industry.

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