Friday, February 17, 2012

Interwiew with Assam Artist Photographer, Graphic designer, Artist and Actor

Aslam u alikum,
My Name is Assam Altaf live in Lahore, Pakistan. And I am a Photographer, Graphics Designer, Artist and a Actor. My grandfather migrated from the India. I Born with a lots of talent. Which is explored with the time of growth.. I was silent child that is what my mother and other family Member said. And in my family everyone calls me by name of Mohammad. Which is actually the best gift ever from my parents, two beautiful names. I proud to be Muslim, I am attached with my mother that is why I stole a loving nature from her. Since childhood I am living with her because my father lives abroad and struggling for their family, just because of him today I completed my education and fulfill my all desires. Can’t give any reward to his sacrifice. I stole a hardworking nature from him. Since class 3 at school drawing always attracts me. I always try to copy my fav cartoons in the sketches. I was weak in coloring part. Buh my sketching was good among rest of students. That always made me feel special. And than my drawing getting improve day by day with practicing. My dad gifted me a piano toy. I start playing music from it. I start enjoying actually. Either I don’t know how to play but still just love my piano. After the music I attract by pictures, media, actors and the nature. thn I got to know my learning power is too much stronger than others. At the time of school I was to social person and well-known boy. My teachers loved me always. My nature is too shy and loving kind of. But I am confident boy.
Making friends, helping people, greeting others, socializing it gifted me by Allah. I studied in science subjects. But arts attracts me every time everywhere in everything J . I did metric in Science subjects, graduation in Commerce and Master in Mass Communication, PGD in Graphics Design and Photography. Even still I love to learn new things.
My teachers Called me By Artist. And one First Job Designation was Concept artist too J
• What inspired you to get into photography?
Photography Starts From me And My self. I always love to see my self in front of camera more than mirror: D after me I love to capture the beautiful moment that I spent in my life with my friends. And after than Nature landscape.
The value of loosing Good Moments teaching me Photography. My friends knows how i m crazy about photographs. Modeling of my friends taught me photography, traveling and enjoying each and everyday taught me Photography. i wish, I could hav a capture button in my eyes :D rather than holding a heavy camera :D

• Who inspired you in start?
In Photography, to be frank when I started photography I haven’t seen any other person’s work or even know about any photographer. I enjoyed when ever I got a camera in my hand either it’s a simple phone, webcam or a regular dg cam. I bought a professional cam after many years of my interest of photography. otherwise i always carried my own regular dg cam everyday.

• Which things was not easy in your carrier?
Haha.. aaaa. When u worked for a Client and he/she don’t make a payment on time. I hate to asking money from them seriously :D even i have right to ask but I hate it. :D

• Who you worked with?
I Worked with, tintash was my frist company that I hav joined while studying, as a Concept artist, than i joined Four Square Communication an advertising Company as a Designer and Photographer than, time and Space which was badest experience of life that I never wanted to share lolx.. anyways.. now a days I m doing work on my Own with Different Projects, regarding Fashion Shoots, wedding, Portfolios, Landscapes, Products, with Designing work.

• What is your opinion about Pakistani and western trends?
Well Pakistani trends are getting improved day by day. It has there own culture and community over here. Our Fashion and media industry groomed enough now all over the world. Photography point of view, people really conscious about photography work even kids knows what are the issues in any picture. Its growing! . Well ! I visited to famous international photographers and personally meet them infect they called me after watching my work. Offers me to do work with. So its depend! Trends getting change now viewers and fans looking fwd to different work and stuff and their expectation getting huge after visiting the international work.

• How you see this work nowadays: popular or not?
Now a days or yesterday or tomorrow … there is only those people can exist who work good and having a good profile. Photography gave me respect and viewership and the listeners too J . its all upto the work! If your works speaks than success is under your feet J. For me day n nights are equal .. I wish I could have 36 hours in a day 24 hour for a work .. ! and yess my work express my mood as well ;)

• What are your plans for the future ?
My Future Plans are.. I will open my own Studio and work with maximum people those like my work ..! and continue my Designing and Acting as a part time. And yess last but the not least .. I will work harder <3
Thank You very Much! Iman Lettner for having a wonderful time with me!. And its nice to talking with you. May Allah bless you and my Best Wishes for your Aim. J



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