Saturday, April 21, 2012

Interwiew with Adnan Ul Haq Photographer

My Name is Adnan from Pakistan & I belong to a middle class family.  Photography & cricket are my Hobbies. Photography is very interesting field we daily meet  different personalities & wish is that one day whole world See's my work.

What inspired you to get into photography ?
Firstly Showbiz Inspired me, then my best friend inspired me to get into this field of photography.

Who inspired you in start?
I won’t forget to mention that Amir Qayyom is my  Idol personality & he inspired me to get in this field. Photography is been here  long time but i recently started since past  6 years. My friend Kashif is photographer too he suddenly joined me too in this field.

What problems did you face to achieve your career?
I had to face many problems in the building my career in the field of Photography.

Who have you worked with?
My Friends & my Lovely Nephew.

What are results of your achievements?
I have my own setup by the name of “ Hope Studio’s”  by Adnan which I managed to do it on my own. I feel very comfortable therefore i joined my Nephew. Now he works with me & he is a Great Editor and use Adobe Photoshop. He looks after my all photo editing with a full heart  

What are your plans for the future?
My plans are to get to work with Beauty saloon’s. That’s  i am  trying the my best job done & Every one know my Setup name by Good Work. I want my setup name is worldwide setup. I see my work will one day & myself will be very famous in this field. Insha Allah. 

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