Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Zohaib Zee Fashion Model & Choreographer

I was born in Pakistan, in the city of Lahore in the a pleasant new yearof 1986. When i was kid I used to see people who were in fashion business. I used to get happy watching media personalities and celebrity, and though that how i could be a model or a media person. I started my career as an Actor, I did some TV plays and then after one year of my acting I start modelling too… I did a lot of fashion shows, TV Plays, Shoots, now i am on the path of succes.

About my name:
Many people used to ask me the meaning of (Zohaib Zee) is it my full name or what? Let me clear: Zohaib is my real name and Zee is my nick name. Some people used to call me Zohaib specially my family members, and some of my freinds used to call me Zee only, but as I work with fashion world there are many people, models, actors with the name of Zohaib, so in short i decided to change my name in fashion world like Zohaib Zee. Zohaib means Golden Spark and Zee means till end, so Zohaib Zee means Golden Spark Till End…. Now there is only one boy who work as a model, actor or a choreographer…

About Zohaib Zee what people says:
Zohaib Zee is not a new name in fashion industry, he has done almost century (100) of ramps nationally and internationally (DubaiMalta,Kuwait) and have won different international certified awards including Best Model of the Year, Best Photogenic Model and Best Physique Model awards. He has introduced new themes in fashion choerography never done before and has given new concepts of ramp.
Now being succesful model and choreographer he is ready to inroduce new ideas through Xclusive Zee Concepts.

Pakistan: +923214302083
Dubai:      +971506300598
Email:   xclusivezee@gmail.com

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