Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Interview of an event manager Saad Qaiser

- I met a young talented event manager, with a wide horizon. He is a big talent of his field, and his mulitalent will help him in dealing with the problems, wich he will face while building his career. Saad please give me a brief introduction of you for my readers:

Saad: - My name is Saad Qaiser and I am a 21 years old young event manager. Every person in this world have passion to do something, everyone have hidden talent and my success story include: 

2. Samsung S4 launching 
3. Suzuki Heavy Bike launch 
4. Millat Tractor launch 
5. Lux Style Awards 2013 
6. Punjab Youth Festival 2012 

This is my life this thing define my passion defines my work.

- What and who did actually inspire you to get into the field of Event Management?

Saad: - I met many people in this field but I entered in this stuff myself but the person by whom I am inspired is Najaf Bukhari from AB EVENTS.

- What was the most challenging event you have planned in the past?

Saad: - All the events are challenging and I always use to say that I am ready for anything but I found out Pakistan Fashion Designing Council Fashion Week 2013 most challenging.

- What brings out the most excitement for you in event planning?
Saad: - Event planning, giving ideas and then turning them into reality is exciting.

- Tell me about one bad experience you had preferably something tragic, how did you handle it?

Saad: - So far I am going good my first event of my life was a bad experience in which I forgot to inform Tax authority but it gave me courage to do harder next time. Was the event still a success ? Yes it was indeed.

- What are the future prospects of Event Management Services in this time of era in your country?

Saad: - Event management is the future of upcoming era Pakistan has got so much talented youngster who want to become singer, models, designer and actors we can promote them thorough different events.

- Please convey a message for the people who are related to your field of work plus for the people who are new and want to get into the field of Event Management?

Saad: - For the people who are already in this field I would like to say that “Stay happy stay foolish and keep innovating” and for newcomers I would like to say whenever you need my help you will always find me there.

- Its fantastic to hear someone in such a young age talking this wisely, i wish that your succes will be worldwide, and your dreams will come true.
Thank you.

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  1. Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.

  2. MashAllah So nice to see this. Wish you more success in Life.


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